‘OSK’ was created by Olivia Kourambas and Selene Koumbarakos, two Melbourne based friends with an interest in fashion and sustainable innovation. After meeting each other through a fashion design and technology course in 2018, both Olivia and Selene began to develop their brand inspired by their corresponding “osk” initials OK and SK.  Sharing very similar aesthetics and personalities, Olivia and Selene started OSKMOOD, a vintage and reworked clothing store, where items are curated into collections and sold via themed drops. 

We eventually found our fashion niche and noticed there was a huge gap in the vintage market. We felt that it was missing luxury items focused on quality and style over branding and hype. We wanted to create a platform that was both affordable and sustainable, providing consumers with high quality, opulent garments. Through buying, selling, and completing our first two drops we realised the potential of Oskmood and how we could create a unique clothing platform that was different to any other.

As ethically focused resellers, we are consciously working as a clothing platform that aims to reduce the impact of fast fashion on our macro environment. We sell vintage and reworked clothing as a means to repurpose items that would otherwise contribute to waste or the demand for mass garment production. Our main goal is to implement change and innovation within the fashion industry. We prioritise ethical practises and sustainability, shaping the way we source, handle and post garments. OSK seeks to extend the life of garments through repurposing materials into reworked exclusives.

Oskmood provides drops that are curated by both the consumer and curators. We wanted to create a platform for like-minded individuals to embrace and indulge in their own unique styles through the one of a kind garments. As a brand we intend to emulate the desires and thoughts of our buyers by conducting interactive polls, influencing the garments curated in our drops. We give our community the same feeling of designer clothing; something everyone wants but not everyone can have, whilst still providing close and personable experience.

Currently, we are working towards instilling change and innovation within the fashion industry. By re-evaluating the traditional practices in fashion, we hope to improve the exchanges and relationships between the brand and the consumer. In the future we will continue to expand Oskmood, incorporating many different avenues to further explore and develop the platform.”